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How do I know if I need orthotics?


Orthotics are arch supports that can be placed inside your footwear to improve the function of your feet and improve pain. They do this by more efficiently aligning your joints and better supporting the structures of your feet. This often means that muscles can work better and there is less stress on the structures of your feet. 

Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical assessment involves muscle and range of motion testing in a number of joints in the feet and ankles. 

We then ask you to stand on our treadmill whilst taking video footage in order to accurately measure angles and study the function of your feet whilst at rest and whilst walking. Those who are involved in active sports may also choose to run during the assessment.

This information allows the clinician to accurately diagnose the problem and discuss an appropriate management plan with you.

Covers and fitting

All customised orthoses are finished on site.

This means that your orthotic is customised to your footwear and your needs. Covers can be added to improve cushioning and we encourage our patients to bring the footwear that they wear most often to ensure the best fit. 

We can also adjust and alter your orthotics to improve their function after the initial fitting. 

Personal 3D Foot scan.

Should custom orthoses be part of the plan of management you agree upon, the foot is scanned into a computer so as an accurate, slim line and comfortable orthotic can be made.

These scans take less than 10 seconds per foot and are accurate to within 0.4 of a millimetre. Both a 3D rendered and a 2D photograph are produced to ensure your orthotic is as individual as you are.

We are the only clinic in Bathurst that uses such precise state of the art technology when prescribing your custom made device. 

Footwear advice.

From running to rugby, tennis to trekking, and everything in between, your feet do so many activities. That's why your footwear choices are so important for the health of your feet and ankles.  

At CWFAC, we understand this and are experts at recommending the most appropriate footwear

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