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General foot care.

Foot care covers many aspects of Podiatry. This area encompasses the general maintenance of our foot health. From helping to cut thick toe nails, to caring for diabetic ulcers, Foot care is about improving the comfort and general health of your feet. Corns, callus, warts and ingrown toe nails are all part and parcel of a general foot care consultation here at Central West Foot and Ankle Clinic. 


Toe nail cutting and corn and callus removal.


Some toenails are notoriously difficult to cut. We can trim and file these nails and advise on the best way of continuing to care for them.

Callus and corns are very hard pieces of skin that can impinge nerves and cause great discomfort to the patient. Because these outer layers of skin are already dead they can be removed painlessly to improve comfort and general well being. 

Corns and callus generally form in areas of high pressure due to many factors including the thinning of cushioning fat pads and inappropriate footwear. 

Central West foot and Ankle Clinic can have your walking away, pain free and offer expert advice to stop the problem reoccurring. 

Happy feet for all the family!


We care for all feet great and small. From young children to the not so young, CWFAC podiatrists are trained to keep your feet happy. 

Children are not immune to issues with feet. Ingrown toenails, warts, fungal skin infections and many other treatable conditions can be easily treated and managed with the right advice. 

We pride ourselves in being able to work with all members of the family from the more experienced members to those just starting out!


Ingrown toe nails. 


Often, conservative treatment of the area will allow the condition to heal itself. This usually involves removal of the offending piece of nail from the toe. Once this piece of nail is removed, the wound that the bacteria have infected is able to close up and resolve sometimes with antibiotics from your GP. This is often the case with chronic ingrown toe nails in four out of five cases. The patient feels instant relief and our skilled podiatrists will be able to clear the area with minimal discomfort to you.  However sometimes, conservative treatment will not work due to the patient’s choices of footwear, the continual reoccurrence of the condition or participation in activities that put large amounts of pressure on the toes.

In these cases, a minimally invasive procedure can be carried out under local anaesthetic to permanently deal with the problem toe. 

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